RECKITT BENCKISER – Nurofen FeverSmart

Reimagining pain management for kids

Agency: Flipside

Flipside partnered with Nurofen to build and launch FeverSmart, the first connected device launch for the consumer goods giant Reckitt Benckiser.


Flipside were tasked with helping the Nurofen team to meet two key business challenges. The first centred on enabling Nurofen to build products and services that facilitated direct to consumer relationships to augment existing physical retail partnerships. The second focused on creating tools that enhanced the consumer experience with existing Nurofen products with the aim of driving increased purchase and consumer retention.

This led to the development of FeverSmart, a Bluetooth connected thermometer for children linked to a smartphone app. For many parents, taking care of a sick child can be distressing – especially when they're too young to describe their symptoms.

FeverSmart enables remote continuous real-time temperature monitoring of babies and children giving parents control and peace of mind over treating their children.​

Flipside supported at every stage of the journey, from digital strategy through to user experience design, user testing and full-stack development.

We worked with third party hardware developers to improve the existing SDK and integrate it with our medical device approved iOS and Android apps. We also leveraged our position as an Amazon partner to create a custom backend within Amazon Web Services with full Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration.

In doing so we created an entirely new business line for Nurofen with the product currently live in the US, China, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.