Microsoft – Why Europe’s Girls Aren’t Studying Stem

Employing proprietary research to spur conversations on how to keep European girls interested in STEM subjects

Agency: Current Global

Are we missing out on the next big disruptive innovation due to lack of diversity? For Microsoft, both a diverse workforce and robust talent pipeline are critical to the future of its business – as well as for the technology sector as a whole. 

Working with the London School of Economics, we conducted focus groups with young women from nine countries in Europe to understand the specific age they abandon STEM subjects and why. We supported this qualitative research with an extensive piece of field research polling over 11,500 girls across 12 European countries.


We developed a pan-regional communications campaign, working with in-market Microsoft teams to customize content and story angles, and plan local launches. Our integrated approach leverage earned, owned, social and digital during key calendar moments such as International Women’s Day (March) and Girls in ICT Day (April) to amplify engagement.

The campaign reached an audience of a billion through earned media, securing 307 pieces of print and broadcast coverage across Europe, including major international titles such as the Financial Times, CNN and BBC. It was a catalyst for a series of meetings between Microsoft and European policymakers, government ministers, NGOs, academics, young women, parents.