Earn more attention. Have more impact. Be more resilient.

Together, we can.

What a new complex world marketing is. It’s more important than ever to live by values. Be more meaningful. Follow up with action. Foster diversity. Differentiate always. Talk to people. Listen more. Innovate. Excel. Succeed. Repeat. To do it all, IPG DXTRA has put together a collective of deeply specialized agencies. Use some of us, or just one of us. We’re here to help clients be more resilient, more impactful, more successful. Can we really help you do all this? Together, we can.

The world needs something different.

We are that difference. Diversity in people, in skills, in backgrounds. In fact, IPG DXTRA brings the best of specialty marketing — and people — together:

  • Experiential
  • Public Relations
  • Sponsorships
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Influencer
  • Digital & Social
  • Brand
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Advertising

Growth is fundamental. Diversity is essential.

Demographic and cultural shifts create new challenges and new opportunities every day. To fully participate in the evolution of the market, brands must manage their brands holistically. How you engage the market matters. How you treat your workforce matters. How you support social change matters. From business relevance and product innovation to employee experience and community engagement, companies that want to be fully viable and truly relevant must embrace inclusive and equitable practices for their people, for their business, for their communities. Our teams of multi-disciplinary specialists combine lived experience, market perspective, and functional expertise to enable our clients to grow through diversity, equity and inclusion.

To reach new, diverse markets, you need diverse perspectives, not a one-segment fits all strategy.

New challenges demand new ways of working.

Through creative and collaborative ingenuity, IPG DXTRA can bring new levels of impact and resilience to our clients. This helps meet new challenges head-on as they come. We find the solve and fill the skill.

IPG DXTRA can innovate where others don’t.

We’re a collective of multiple marketing services that work together — efficiently and effectively — to get the job done and done well. We know that good things happen when intelligent people and exceptional skills come together.

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We apply horizontal skills to vertical sectors.

Think of our marketing services as horizontal skills. Now flip them vertically to serve countless industry sectors. Technology, health, retail, automotive, financial — the list is endless. As are the benefits we deliver. A unique combination of in-demand skills and expertise ready to help when and where our clients need us.

Call to real action.

We’re here, we’re excited and we’re ready to put our experience and diversity to work for you. Great results await.

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We help clients by configuring the right solution to solve their business problems and leverage opportunities. We’re an agile ecosystem of specialists with capabilities that are highly relevant to the modern marketer.

Cathy Calhoun – Chief Growth Officer